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Anuradha Gopu - Transparent Bgd

Hi there! I am Anuradha (Anu) Gopu, and I am Edamend Learning!

I am an Instructional Designer (a.k.a Training Designer) and E-learning Developer from Toronto, Canada.


I have been a part of the Education Industry since 2011. In the year 2015, I stumbled upon the field of Instructional Design and have been in love with it ever since…

I am an ATD-certified Master Instructional Designer, highly passionate about creating engaging and performance-oriented learning experiences for learners of all ages.

I have always been a teacher by nature and a software geek at heart. This is why E-learning Development and Training Creation come naturally to me, because this work helps me combine both my interests perfectly!


Here at Edamend Learning, my goal is to help businesses improve their employees’ performance and skills by providing them with relevant, engaging, and effective training experiences.

One of my prime focuses is helping small businesses set up their Learning and Development function.

Many small businesses don’t realize it, but the lack of appropriate training is usually the main reason why their employees lack in performance. That’s where I come in!

I help small businesses set up their complete Learning and Development function, and take of their employees’s trainings over the long term.

Sounds like something you need? Contact me now!

I aim to make a difference…

When I work for a client, my goal is to give them a memorable experience, that brings about a positive difference in their business, through increased employee retention and performance and, consequently, increased revenue.

Outside of work, I am a busy mom!

When not working, you’ll find me busy caring for my family and spending time with my two kids! This happens rarely nowadays (ha ha!), but you may even find me Netflixing or reading a book!